The type of displaying the Multi-Time-Zone wristwatch

1Time differences demonstrating on the wristwatches, more than two kinds of time zone can solve the problem of it; most of the rolex watches replica types are called Dual Time and Global Time whose general name is multi-time-zone wristwatch. There are various ways to show its changes however the basic and normal types are:

Display of middle 24 hours
It is the most common type whose center is more than one 24-hour hour hand to correspond to the hometown time by 24-hour scale, while standard hour hand indicates the local time and if we are in the hometown, local time and hometown time will coincide. This kind of watch can also be departed into two forms, one is the separated adjustment with 12-hour hour hand; the other is the separated adjustment with 24-hour hour hand. If we go abroad, the former can be more convenient which is like the Dual-Time watch of Rolex. What is particularly noteworthy is that the Dual-Time watch equipped with 24-hour rotating out ring, through which we can know the third place’s time. For Display of middle 24 hours, standard hand point out the local time and the blue needle indicates the hometown time, such as rolex yachemaster replica watches

Display of middle 12 hours
The concept of design is similar with the above, the difference of which is to change the 14-hour hour hand into hour 12 and the disadvantage of which is when it is unnecessary to use the second place’s time, two needles will be overlapped, looking no differences with normal watches and keeping the simple style of it. Such as Panerai PAM441 Dual- Time watch.

Display of numbers
Besides the needles to demonstrate, we can also get the time by numbers and the Ulysse Nardin of unique Dual-Time watch is a good example. The position of nine on the dial is the window to get the original living place’s time with the demonstration of hour 24 and assembling the time and day or night together, keeping its simple style and making it easy to read.

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